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    成本企业吸取了国内外先进技术,成功开发出适合用户需求之小型材生产线。该机组有单螺杆挤出机或双螺杆挤出机、真空定型台、 牵引机、成像机、翻料架等几部分组成,时序具有塑化好,增量高,耗资低等显著特点。...

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    PVC、 PP、 PE、 PC、 ABS Small Profile Extrusion Line

    用泰国RKC 产品。辅机真空泵和牵引电机均采取优质产品,保护简便。
    By adopting the foreign and domestic advanced technology, we successfully developed the small profile extrusion line. This line
    consists of Single Screw Extruder, Vacuum Calibration Table, Haul-off Unit, Cutter and Stacker, the producing line features of
    good plasticization, high output capacity, low power consumption and etc. The main extruder speed controlled by imported AC
    inverter, and temperature control by Japanese RKC temperature meter, vacuum pump and traction gear reducer of the down
    stream equipment are all good quality products, and also easy maintenance.


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